Wednesday, July 11, 2012

June Competition Winner

Hi everyone, sorry for the delay in announcing the winner of last months competition. I had a busy weekend and when I went to take photos of all the cards my camera's battery died. It's not one that I can just chuck new batteries in has a rechargeable battery. So it takes hours to charge and I only just got back to taking the photos of the cards.

For a while I was worried we weren't going to get many cards for this competition, but you all surprised me again! We had a lot of boy (blue) cards as well, but then at the last minute some pink cards for girls came in and we even had a green one! There were some gorgeous cards and it really is hard to choose just one winner. So many of you wanted to choose a 1st, 2nd & 3rd. But there can only be one winner....and I'm very pleased to announce that this time it was

Well done finally got a win instead of 2nd place. Very well deserved too :)

Here is Rhonda's winning card, which was card number 18.

Here are all the other cards and thank you again ladies for all your beautiful efforts. Some absolutely stunning cards!!

1 - Val
(yes she knitted that tiny little jumper herself)

2 - Maralene

3 - Glenda
(I'm not sure if Glenda knitted these herself or not)

4 - Joan

5 - Jean

6 - Jaylee

7 - Maralene

8 - Jean

9 - Pat

11 - Jean

12 - Maralene
(this card came a close 2nd with one less vote)

13 - Glenda

14 - Glenda

15 - Rhonda
(this was one of my favourites...that elephant is soooo cute!)

16 - Rhonda

17 - Rhonda

19 - Rhonda

20 - Rhonda

21 - Sharon

22 - Sharon

Aren't they all just so lovely. I'll post the details of the next competition up shortly but to give you the heads's Christmas in July.

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