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May Competition Winner

Hi everyone, Just a real quick post as I have to go and pack for our camping trip this weekend. We're off to Casino, NSW for the archery State Of Origin shoot. As promised though, I am here quickly to announce the winner of the competition. It was close between two cards again and just one vote separated them. There's a saying that springs to mind "always the Bridesmaid, never the bride". That makes me think of how poor Rhonda must feel...yep you came in 2nd again Rhonda, with card 9. So close...again!
The winner though was card 21 made by

Congratulations Glenda. Your gift voucher will be available for you next time you come to visit the shop :)
There were 22 awesome entries and again some really love cards. I will show them all to you in number order with the maker of each card.
1 - Pam
The inside of Pam's card.

2 - Pat

3 - Dorothy

4 - Rhonda

5 - Sharon

6 - Jean

7 - Maralene

8 - Pat

9 - Rhonda

10 - Pat

11 - Sharon

12 - Maralene

13 - Rhonda

14 - Karen