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November Competition Winner

Thank you to everyone who entered again this month. The cards were just gorgeous as always! This time I let everyone have two votes each as it was going to be hard to choose just one winner.  We did have a winner though…card number 9 byRhondaCongratulations Rhonda. It’s a beautiful card…even if the reindeer wasn’t supposed to be there LOL We had a draw for second place, but the winner was Pat with this lovely card….Here are the other lovely cards that were entered. All deserved winners…it’s a shame that you can’t all win Card 1 – SueCard 2 – GlendaCard 3 – RhondaCard 4 – SueCard 5 – MaraleneCard 6 – GlendaCard 7 – SueCard 10 – SueCard 11 – RhondaCard 12 – MaraleneCard 13 – RhondaCard 14 – MaraleneCard 15 – Rhonda

October Challenge Winner

Thanks once again to everyone who entered cards in this months challenge. We had some wonderful entries yet again and it really was hard to pick a winner. Several people asked if they could have two votes because they couldn't make up their mind. So you girls are definitely putting in some beautiful cards. Still we could only have one vote and a winner was decided and it is .... MAVIS Mavis entered this lovely Christmas wobbler card (No. 3). Congratulations Mavis, your $20 gift voucher will be ready for you next time you come into the shop. You know, I laugh when you all say can you have two votes because you just can't decide, but then it comes time for me to choose a runner up award...and I can tell you I quickly stop laughing! I am then in the same boat...choosing one card out of so many lovely cards for the encouragement award. I was going to give the award this month to Rhonda for her telescopic card (No.2), as it came 2nd in the voting and its a great card. But in the sp…

October Challenge

The theme for October is CIRCLES. Your entry must have at least ONE circle on it, but can have more, or it can be a circular card/project. There are many circular dies out there on the market, including clocks, and fancy decorative circles. Or how about a circle made of leaves (a wreath) or a circle made of flowers....I'm sure there are plenty of things you can think of.

TO ENTER: Simply make a card, scrapbooking page or off the page project following the theme and give it to me, email me a picture or a link to your project.

Competition closes at midnight on Saturday 2nd November. Voting will commence on Wednesday 6th November and will finish Saturday 9th November. The winner will be announced on Saturday 9th November  (or as soon as possible after that date)

THE RULES: The rules are very simple and are as follows: 
The card/project must be your own design and made by you.
All entries must be anonymous - nobody should know which cards is yours.
You can enter as man…

September Card Challenge

Thanks to everyone who entered the card challenge for September. The challenge was - handmade flowers. We had some gorgeous entries but unfortunately there can only be one winner.

The winner this month was
Jean (from Thursdays Class)
Congratulations Jean. I hope you enjoy spending your $20 voucher.

Here is Jean's winning card, in the most gorgeous blue I think I've ever seen.

Pam received the encouragement award for her 2nd place card. This lovely black and gold card.
This card was made by Maralene and was one of 3 cards that came in 3rd place.

Card by Sue
Card by Pat
Card by Sue
Sue's card had the cutest little frog on the bottom of it :)
Card by Glenda
Card by Glenda
Card by Pat
Card by Pat - This card also came in 3rd place
Card by Rhonda - This card was the other card that came in 3rd place
Card by Sue
Card by Rhonda
Thanks girls.