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February Challenge

Congratulations to our winners in this months challenge – “Embossed”First in the Beginners/Intermediate category the winner is…JEAN P with this beautiful bejewelled card (B1)The two runners up in this category are:B2 - Jean PB3 – CorinnaIn the advanced category the winner is…MARALENE with this lovely stamped and embossed card (A7)(I’ve attached two pictures because the main photo really doesn’t do the card justice…it’s hard to capture the beauty of the embossing. The runners up in this category are:A1 – MaraleneA2 – GlendaA3 – PatA4 – RhondaA5 – GlendaA6 – RhondaA8 – RhondaA9 – GlendaThanks everyone for your beautiful entries. Congratulations to all of you Jean and Maralene both win a $15 voucher for their entries.