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November Competition Winner

I knew black and white was going to be a good theme and that it would bring out some lovely cards. However, I wasn’t expecting the sheer amount of wonderful cards that the ladies made for this competition. 30 cards in total and they were all so nice. In fact it was so hard to choose a favourite that I let everybody have two votes this time. That gave me twice as many votes to count though  But I’m pleased to announce the winner on 10 votes was… Maralene – Card 1 Maralene’s card is a gatefold card. These two photos show the card from different angles. I love the black decorative mirror card that Maralene has used.
Here are all of the cards for you to see. Congratulations and thank you to everyone who entered. Brilliant cards!
Card 2 - Sharon
Card 3 - Maralene
Card 4 - Jenelle. This card came a very close second with 9 votes.
Card 5 - Pat
Card 6 - Shakerah

Card 7 - Pat
Card 8 - Shakerah.
Card 9 - Glenda
Card 10 - Jean
Card 11 – Pam
Card 12 - Glenda
Card 13 - Glenda
Card 14 - Pam